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Taleo And Integration with R12

Taleo is a cloud-based talent management solution offered by Oracle.
Oracle offers two versions of the Taleo Suite,

  • one for enterprises
  • one for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The suite covers modules for recruiting, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, succession planning and compensation management.

Apps InfoSystems Ltd offers full life cycle implementation from Design, Configuration, Testing to Onboarding, Performance Management and also Post Go Live Support.
Our Team Successfully recently delivered Taleo for one of our clients in United States and Taleo Integration With Oracle EBS

We have our own custom built solution called Taleo Accelarator, using this tool we have successfully integrated TALEO and Oracle R12.

DBA Support

We are providing DBA support to our clients in remote support model.
Database supported are

  • Oracle
  • MySQL

Open Source

Services available at Admin/Developer level for

  • Linux
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Shell Scripting

Open Source

For talent acquisition, sourcing, developing, retaining or any other talent management needs, Taleo by Oracle is the best solution. It is a cloud-based talent management solution that is offered by Oracle, a leading database management system in the world. It is available in two Taleo Suites or versions which are used by enterprises and small & medium-sized businesses separately. Getting a Taleo suite, by Oracle, means getting onboarding, recruiting, learning, development, succession planning, compensation management, and performance management all done under a single suite. At Apps Infosystems Limited, we are actively engaged in assisting various organizations in transforming their talent management system in the cloud-based digital world.

The experts at Apps Infosystems have successfully delivered Taleo Integration with Oracle EBS to one of our clients in the United States and are working dedicatedly to add many more clients to this list. With our Taleo Integration, you get an all-inclusive package that covers design, testing, configuration, onboarding, performance management, and after-service support. Our custom-built talent management solution called Taleo Accelarator helps us successfully integrate Taleo and Oracle R12 for better services.

You can also provide DBA support to various organizations whose talent management needs require remote support model. We support databases like Oracle and MySQL. We also provide various open source services for Linux, Python, Perl, and Shell Scripting for the Admin/ Developer level. Our talent management solution streamlines your talent acquisition and management process and provides automation to the entire process. So, turn to Apps Infosystems Limited to engage, source, hire and manage the best talent in the industry.